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Lomba Jingle Bank BNI46 London

Deadline: 1st August 2013

This jingle competition is brought to you by collaboration between ICID (International Conference on Indonesian Development) 2013 with BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) London. All Indonesian students from all over the world (high school, bachelor, master, or higher degree) can participate in this competition, either individually or in a team.

The aim of this competition is to promote the existence of BNI London and/or banking products offered by BNI London. As one of the largest banks in Indonesia, BNI plays an important role in both national and global economics. Specifically for BNI London, as the representation of Indonesia in the United Kingdom, BNI London is striving to make itself known better in the global banking industry. By participating in this jingle competition, you are directly or indirectly contributing to the publicity of BNI London.

The 1st prize winner will have a special occasion to attend ICID 2013 on 12-14 September 2013, The Hague. You will have the chance to meet famous public figure in addition to the cash prize, refund for your flight ticket and accommodation during your stay in the Netherlands.

Do you love to take challenges, explore new ideas and unleash your creative energy? If so, the ICID 2013-BNI LONDON Jingle competition is definitely for you! We invite all Indonesian students to bring inspiration through jingle media. Together, we can spread the words and promote the existence of our national bank to the entire world.


Through the jingle, participants should promote the existence of BNI London and/or the banking products offered by BNI London.

There is no restriction of how the jingle should be so it is up to you to creatively interpret the theme and translate it into a unique jingle as long as all aspects are in line with the theme and general politeness.

Use your imagination! Out of the box thinking is encouraged to avoid a conservative and old-fashioned way of promoting company products through jingle. Be original and explore new ideas that have not been addressed before. You should bear in mind that the judges would like to see new and fresh concept of the jingle.

More information about BNI London and its products can be obtained at


The 1st prize winner will receive:
• 1500 Euro prize read more »

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